2020 has been a weird year ~ masks, sanitizers, quarantine and lockdown have just been some of the never-imagined-before things that this year brought along.

And just when we all thought this shit show was about to end, Google experienced an outage and netizens were quick to term it as…

Remember when we used to buy headphones from local shops worth just Rs. 300?

Well folks, Apple just leveled it up with its new AirPods Max by a…LOT.

They are currently priced at Rs. 59,900 in India and $549 in the US!

Kangana Ranaut has often found herself to be amidst some sort of controversy because of her bold take on the social issues at large. This pandemic year has been a little extra turbulent for her, it seems.

Marketing is not a recent concept, it is something prevailing ever since people had things to sell.

A major transformation has been seen in marketing — from newspaper advertisement to witty brand wars on Twitter, we’ve come a long way!

Watched Coolie No. 1’s trailer yet?

For those in the unknown, the trailer has been trending since its release thanks to its immense meme material!

Heard about the Vocal for Local drive yet? Heard about India becoming Aatmanirbhar yet?

Well, as part of this “Swadeshi Andolan”, some Indians have gone as far as creating a desi version of Twitter, called Tooter!

You might have thought of rejecting the statements which are against your thoughts, whether these are about your emotions or choices. But did you ever imagine this could be done?

Hmm….but the question is, HOW? Don’t worry about the ‘How’ till we have our source of humor, Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is the new President of America! America is celebrating, and so is the world! The Presidential Election was a tough call, as the result was largely dependent on the swinging states.

However, Biden went on to win in the major swinging states which eventually sealed the victory. The…

Even for Indians, Halloween is a time for some really spooky parties and costumes. The one day of the year where the entire world just jumps into getting their most horrific look ready!

Dear Commerce students, remember Harshad Mehta’s scam — mentioned in all books but never discussed in detail?

Well, our OTT platforms haven’t failed us and this time brought to us the story of India’s one of the biggest financial scams to ever take place: the Harshad Mehta Scam.

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