Academy Memes for every Indian student in the Meme Community

“Beta, padhai kar le”

“Beta, aage ka kya socha hai?”

“Beta, kitni percentage aayi?”

Do you relate with these statements or are you not Indian?

It’s true! Education, studies and academics are the focal point of every Indian household. Every Indian parent sees their kid as an academic extraordinaire.

While the age group of students remains a common factor but the segregation of students in different streams creates many refined niche groups.

And where there is a niche, there is a meme page!

Several meme pages with their carefully tailored content have managed to tap into one of the greatest niche markets of India — students.

Since they upload content that is exceedingly relatable to particular groups of students from a particular field of study, these meme pages manage to achieve greater levels of engagement as well as a more loyal audience base than what most influencers have.

Meme pages which revolve around academics and education are a way for students to bond with their peers. Humorous content to which students of a stream can relate to creates a sense of community.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the famous academic meme pages:

PCMB Memes

As the name suggests, PCMB stands for Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology.

Sorry accountancy folks, this page is exclusively made for the scientific dudes and future doctors!

Here are some memes that will definitely get you laughing!

Taking a dig on the recent online classes that have been taking place in the wake of COVID-19 as well as slow internet woes:

Next up, the page successfully identifies an insight that a myriad of study material is often kept untouched until the very last minute:

Finally, capitalizing on the latest Sarabhai trend on social media, the page came up with this:


Another science meme page, it has just begun to carve a place for itself on social media with extremely relatable content for science students and JEE aspirants. In a very short span of time, it has managed to get a loyal audience base, amusing them with stream-specific content.

Here are some memes from this page:

Social distancing is the latest buzz on social media these days, and this meme page did not fail to utilize it:

H.C. Verma is a common name in science classrooms! He is the author of two Physics books. Using this fact, the meme gained popularity:

Law Memes Society

Moving on, let’s explore other subjects’ meme pages.

This meme page is dedicated to those studying for CLAT, currently pursuing law or who have made it as lawyers.

Addressing the funny bone of to-be-lawyer students, this meme won its niche’s heart:

Next up, it put forward the problems of stipends and internships in a humorous way, taking the help of the Hera Pheri movie series:

Finally, nobody fell behind on the Sarabhai affair currently going on:

Commerce Walo

Accountancy folks, it’s finally here.

A meme page dedicated to your inside jokes, calculation woes and commerce jargon.

Here are some memes from this widely followed page:

Every commerce student has wondered at one point: What’s the use of digital accounting software then?

The Hera Pheri series has always been a favorite among meme-makers:

The page used the latest format of “due to less pollution” to connect with its accountancy-burdened audience:

NCERT books have never failed to amuse students. In this meme, the definition of a public company is the focal point:


Meme pages which serve a particular niche command greater responsiveness, loyalty and engagement from their audiences.

Their engagement level can be judged from their followers, likes, comments etc.

PCMB Memes on the other hand has a whopping 2,16,000 followers with most memes receiving 35,000 and upward likes. Some specific posts have even managed to get 70,000+ likes!

Started on April 2, 2020, Cistheta boasts an impressive 4,600+ followers with each meme receiving about 1,000 likes on an average.

Law Memes Society , which targets students pursuing law, has managed to strike a humorous chord with its loyal follower base of more than 42,000!

Lastly, the Commerce Walo meme page is an inspiration for the meme community.

It has 1,00,000 followers with just around 600 posts. This proves light humor infused into memes is the way to gen Z’s hearts.

To celebrate this, the admin of this page uploaded this:

Such memes can be easily used by educational institutes, online teaching platforms as well as coaching classes to attract students and connect with the digital generation.

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