Meme advertising won’t be your regular spewing of offers / Ads

  • Try to be native: Social media can be a really unforgiving place a wrong step is put forward. To ensure that nothing happens when the meme goes viral, always hire people who speak the native language. (We @Youngun India have been doing this for an year)
  • Don’t take it too seriously: Don’t be hesitant to get down and dirty to have some fun with memes. Remember memes work because they are silly, hilarious and ridiculous.
  • Be calm, not everybody understands it: Hey all you Kotler fans. You guys know, it’s all about targeting that niche market. So, just focus on that and not what you don’t understand.
  • Amplify: Don’t just post memes on your brands handle, collaborate with Meme Pages and seed your content on Social Media (Not a bad time to lookup those Meme Advertising Agencies)
  • It’s in the moment: It is a VUCA world, and the memes are no different. Timing is the key to resonance. Be culturally aware to know when to strike.



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Youngun India

Youngun India

A team of millennials bringing Brands closer to the Indian Meme culture..