Students excel in MEMES after CBSE announces results!

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3 min readJul 21, 2020


That Day of the year is back!

That very day, when your over-enthusiastic neighbours will be eavesdropping by your door.

That day when you cannot escape the continuous glare of your parents.

And some relatives whose existence has always been a mystery will pop out of nowhere with the THREE NIGHTMARISH WORDS!

Yes, you got it right! The RESULTS are out…

CBSE released the results of the 12th standard students, who had appeared for the exams earlier this year, but couldn’t complete all the exams because of the pandemic!

The students have been in a state of conundrum all throughout this year!

From the ever-changing exam dates of the pending exams, to the allocation of marks after the cancellation of the exams, the students have come a long way to get their results.

And, CBSE had a surprise in store!

It shocked the students by declaring the results two days prior to the announcement date!

After months of anticipation, when the results were declared, the students did not leave a chance to start a meme-fest on social media.

The results brought along the age-old feeling of being irritated by the questions that your relatives ask and the general air of curiosity that is present in the entire neighbourhood.

Oh God, we need a sequel to 3 Idiots!

Entire Sena Incoming…

We understand that feeling, we have all been through that phase!

While the students were anxious about their scores, they got a perfect score in one subject: MEMES!

Kripiya karke Meri Baat Suniye

Tough Days Ahead Man!

Encounter ho jayega…

Jiya jale….!

However, CBSE had another major disappointment in store for us.

As students started logging into the official site to know their results, it crashed.



Every year. Same Problem.

Well, the students definitely won our hearts with these hilarious memes!

This clearly shows how the Indian Meme Community can tackle any situation with the creative medium of memes!

From the constant irritation of getting results to improving your brand’s digital presence, MEMES have always come to the rescue!

With memes, you can give your brand a completely new make-over!

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