Memes are the next BIG thing in Advertising

Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house! Digital marketers often miss out on the latter. We create all kinds of content and we push it by all means.

Influencers, bots, algorithms analytics and what not, Brands use everything to keep up with the changing times.

In the process, however we ignore a very powerful medium which is right under our nose.

Yes, Memes! Memes have proved to be more than just a trend and they are ready for marketers to use them.

Below are five reasons why the blend of memes and marketing is the formula for success of every Digital Campaign


Brands have learned the value of hash tags and now it is time to acknowledge MEMES. Memes are multiplatform. They travel across to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur and everywhere.

Memes cross your feed aggressively. They arrive without a “Share Now” or “Please RT” call to action. They make their way across the internet to your brain because they’re designed to travel.

MEMES are the true support to your big idea for a 360 campaign and our Army of Meme pages ensures your Meme reaches to the Mass ! (50 Million + Reach) — @Youngun India

Battle for Mind space

The mind space of people in the digital era is cluttered to the brink. Brands fight hard to squeeze into it.

MEMES by default have advantage in this battle since they occupy a share of space in every screen we view.

MEMES are short & quick, this property makes them fit the upcoming trend of short attention span.

The growth of podcast in digital marketing is also one of a supporting factor of why the attention span is reducing every passing year.

For a niche and premier brand to wisely use meme’s, it must learn to cleverly create memes that meet its communication objectives and that make an impact on a wide audience. This is where MEME advertising/marketing agencies come in handy (just like Youngun India)

Remaining fresh and relevant is crucial to success in making memes and this requires people who are skillful in making Memes and knows about the Meme culture, otherwise you might just end up creating random memes that look like they are fitted intentionally thus killing its originality.


MEMES cost a fraction of the spending done on other digital marketing tools. It’s a customer driven market and here influencers, display ads and other expensive options fail.

MEMES are organic and they allow brands to be native to them. Hence, credibility and shareability is very high for MEMES. This expands the effectiveness and generates better results.

The aim behind MEME marketing is not to replace other tools but to add strength to the campaign. This add on costs less and gives better results in terms of impressions, comments, likes & shares.

Other than appropriate amplification, there is no extra expenditure on pushing meme content.

EASE of communication

The following are some characteristics of MEMES :

These quality checks keep agencies up all night. With clever MEMES they come in by default.

MEME templates refresh every month or even in a few days (unpredictable) although the relativity of the audience with these templates is 99.9% guaranteed.


Brands have been interested in word of mouth long before they ever asked agencies to create something viral. Most of what agencies have been creating is not really worth sharing and it’s not created to be shared, either.

Meme Marketing leads to creating catchy content that people can share and that can potentially go viral (keeping fingers crossed)

MEMEs break all barriers to communication and effectively deliver the message without intruding into people’s personal space unlike every other Digital AD (c’mmon we are all pissed by those Youtube ads.)

MEMEs are the emerging attention space and we @Youngun India are giving this space an Objective driven approach to make hey ready for Insightful Advertising.

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